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I love the special buzz that comes with an Olympic year and I can’t believe that the Rio

Olympic Games are now only 6 months away! Having recently returned from a three-week training stint at Falls Creek with crowds of runners, I am really looking forward to the season ahead. The incredible results and Aussie Olympic qualifying performances across a number of events already this year have fuelled my excitement and that burning desire to get the most out of myself.

Fuelling the body that holds the desire… In a year where athletes across the globe leave no stone un-turned in a venture to find the best performance within themselves, the one per centers mean a lot. Strength and conditioning, mobility, sports psychology, exercise physiology, physical health, planning, tactics and nutrition all become vital considerations in an overall training plan. In 2013 I wrote about the topic of nutrition. Three years later, I still consider its role as one of the most important in my overall wellbeing and performance. Whilst food can certainly get old, the subject itself cannot… so here I am again, covering one of my favourite topics and ultimate hobbies - FUELLING. “Do you have a special diet?” “What is