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Moscow (Mockba) – an eye opening experience!

Following a 5.15am arrival into Melbourne from Moscow, I was fortunate to spend a special day-and-a-half with my brother Jack and my friend, Georgie Clarke. After having spent three-and-a-half weeks with some of the best athletes in the World, topped off by a few Melbourne coffees and trots around the Tan I thought I would put pen to paper on the final leg of my Moscow journey.

It always amazes me how much I learn during trips away for running and how determined I am to better myself as both an athlete and a person as a result. Despite my presumption that this effect would diminish with more experience, the 2013 World Championships affirmed that learning is an ever-lasting journey! Here is a summary of what I learnt, followed by some of many trip highlights!

Plan & Prepare but keep an open mind (especially in a foreign environment).