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Moscow (Mockba) – an eye opening experience!

Following a 5.15am arrival into Melbourne from Moscow, I was fortunate to spend a special day-and-a-half with my brother Jack and my friend, Georgie Clarke. After having spent three-and-a-half weeks with some of the best athletes in the World, topped off by a few Melbourne coffees and trots around the Tan I thought I would put pen to paper on the final leg of my Moscow journey.

It always amazes me how much I learn during trips away for running and how determined I am to better myself as both an athlete and a person as a result. Despite my presumption that this effect would diminish with more experience, the 2013 World Championships affirmed that learning is an ever-lasting journey! Here is a summary of what I learnt, followed by some of many trip highlights!

Plan & Prepare but keep an open mind (especially in a foreign environment).

It is always important to prepare as well as you can for an event, with respect to physical and mental training, race-day routine, hydration, nutrition, sleep etc. however it is equally important to be prepared for those inevitable last minute changes. Arriving at the first water station during the race to find fiddly screw-top bottles is just one example but as Chris Wardlaw and I like to say… ”Just embrace it!” Some people anticipate and plan for potential hiccups whilst others are happy to ‘go with the flow’. I think I fall somewhere in between. Hearing that the temperature on race day was likely to be between 27-30 degrees, we acknowledged the importance that hydration would play. Being a minimalist drinker myself, I was determined to hydrate adequately before and during the race. I am grateful for the support that Athletics Australia’s team doctor and SASI’s nutritionist provided with this, as it played a crucial role!