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The mind, like the body requires ongoing T.L.C to remain healthy. It took me about three decades and a few key moments to fully appreciate this : )

London’s 2012 Olympic Games was one of these moments....

The anticipation and excitement that I felt between crossing the Marathon finish line in Japan to qualify for my first Olympic team and toeing the start line in the green and gold five months later is difficult to describe. It was like waking up on Christmas morning as a five-year-old, on repeat. My love for the Olympics had been strong for as long as I could remember. In my early twenties I purchased a DVD collection of “Olympic Golden Moments from 1920-2002”, which despite the sketchy quality has never failed to give me goose bumps. I believed that the Olympic experience would ‘fill my cup’ to a point where it wouldn’t require topping up for a very long time. Despite the inevitable moments of stress and fatigue throughout my 2012 preparation, the Games delivered and I left the city of London overflowing with inspiration. From marching into the glistening stadium on Opening Cere