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As runners busily prepare for upcoming events such as Adelaide’s City Bay Fun Run, the Melbourne Marathon festival and the New York City Marathon, I thought I would shed some light on a mental approach that has helped me to get the most out of running to this point and that can facilitate anyone to achieve their best!

At about this time last year, I was fortunate to have someone place a novel in my lap that happened to catch my attention. I’m not usually one to finish a book. I tend to read a few pages, get back to it a few months later, then have to re-read those pages… and so the pattern goes. This particular text, titled ‘Sport is life, Life is sport’ intrigued me partly because it was co-written by Paul Roos and his wife Tami but also because I had an inkling from the first few pages that I would learn some valuable life lessons - I did.

‘The opportunities that may change our life for the better are there, waiting for us, either as a result of our hard work or of being in the right place at the right time. Before we can act upon them, we have to be receptive enough to realize that they are there. And when we do, we have to seize them. I realize that many of the events that occur do not occur by chance. I generally believe that if you go through life with your eyes open there are signposts along the way that will direct you through the journey that is your life.’ - Paul Roos.

This was one of many paragraphs that struck a chord in me and upon completing this novel, I was left with a comforting sense that things in life ‘happen for a reason’ and important lessons can be drawn from every experience.