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The airport scene has become a little too familiar in recent months. This time I am homeward bound for the Easter long weekend and rather than make the same old mistake of draining my phone battery, I opted to put my laptop to use. One week ago today, a small group of Aussies including myself ventured out of our Guiyang hotel in an attempt to find the one-and-only coffee spot that showed up on Nipper’s Coffee Bean App. Unfortunately the result looked a little dubious so we walked on through the chaotic industrial streets to find some seats and hot drinks that would suffice.

A lot has happened since that moment and no doubt everyone at the table that day has returned from the IAAF World Cross-Country Championships, a stronger athlete, regardless of their result. The race-day photos posted by Michael Scott yesterday prompted me to reflect on that momentary pain experienced in the 8km event (a very long moment mind you) and in races dating back to my first Primary School Cross-country run in 1993.