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TOUCH DOWN IN LONDON TOWN - Thursday August 3rd

Our British Airways flight from Milan hit the runway at 2.40pm. It had been a long day of travel with our 6am wake up in St. Moritz, a three-hour road trip accompanied by coach Adam Didyk and fellow Aussie Marathoner Josh Harris to Italy and a siesta on the tarmac in Milan before take-off. Fortunately, our travels were assisted by a quality playlist (thanks Adam) and some trusty Italian coffee. Following a bus ride into central London from Heathrow, we were united with our team in the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel – a moment that I had been really looking forward to! The setup in London was everything we could have hoped for and more… comfortable beds, a variety of hearty meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, friendly staff, a highly professional group of coaches, health care personnel and support staff, a common room for Team Australia (like we had at the Rio Olympics) and a fantastic team of athletes. That evening, a few of us headed out for a light trot from the hotel. As I presumed it felt more like a heavy shuffle after a day of travel but nevertheless it was good to get that one out of the way. Tomorrow was a new day! At my first hotel dinner I enjoyed meeting some of the athletes who had been freshly inducted into Team AUS such as Morgan McDonald, Georgia Griffith, Naa Anang and Nicola McDermott. Many of the athletes had spent the past week together at the team camp in Tonbridge, an hour outside of London. I had spent my final three weeks of preparation for this race in St. Moritz (1800m above sea level) so there were plenty of new faces to meet and familiar faces to catch up with.