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“It is an exhilarating experience to catch the running bug but greater satisfaction comes from keeping it. Sometimes the challenge is not in starting a new activity but in sustaining the routine.”

I have had the pleasure of pulling on a fresh pair of runners with a new goal, an energised body and an unstoppable attitude… it’s like the “honey moon period” of running. As the weekly mileage and monotony steadily builds, as tiredness creeps in and as you find yourself optimistically committing to more activities than there are hours in a day, motivation to pull the runners on AGAIN can dip. I love running and I believe I always will but it is only natural that training can seem like the last thing your body wants at times. On some occasions a rest day may be the best prescription but on other occasions the outlet that running provides can be the ultimate cure. Here are some pearls that I have picked up along the way to help maintain a positive and sustainable relationship with running. LOCATION, LOCATION: FIND ONE THAT APPEALS TO YOU: Training location is a major consideration for not only training effect and injury prevention/management but also motivation. When reflecting on my most enjoyable Marathon preparations it became evident that the highest volume and most consistent blocks I have achieved were when living near running routes that I enjoy. I love