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After hours of intense grind, you finally cross that line… you have five or so blissful minutes in the finishing area to soak it up. Every ounce of energy has been drained on the course behind you and coordinating bottle-to-mouth is a task, let alone reflecting on the thousands of kilometers and sweat beads that delivered you to this point. You savour every precious second wrapped in the foil blanket - but is this moment the true reward?

I used to think that distance running was all about tolerating pain, sticking to a rigid routine and simply (or not so simply) hanging on through months of arduous training towards a fixed goal - all to experience that finishing feeling where the hard work would hopefully be justified. I was soon to realise how risky and damaging this narrow mindset may be. At the London 2012 Olympics it really hit home that the goal or moment we work so hard for may only last a couple of minutes, hours or days – which is miniscule in comparison to the time s