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“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to something until you reach your destination.”

I carefully recorded my total mileage in the Sunday box and took a moment to reflect on the “weekly quote” before closing my Believe Journal. In exactly one week, I would be on the other side of a race that I had been aspiring towards since the day Gold Coast was announced as the 2018 Commonwealth Games host.

THE FINAL SEVEN KILOMETRES Until this point in time, Surfer’s Paradise had been about relaxing beach strolls, sweet fruit smoothies, invigorating waves crashing against my body, the University Games’ electric night-life, golden Meter Maids, lazy morning cappuccinos and breathtaking sunsets. With seven kilometres to go in my tenth ever Marathon and first on the Gold Coast, I found myself experiencing a somewhat different perspective.Yes – the atmosphere at Surfer’s Paradise was electric and breathtaking for reasons more than one. Remnants of the Berry fruit flavoured gel that I had consumed 5km earlier created a sweet taste in my dry mouth - not too unlike the smoothies of old. Caffeine had been consumed but without the latte art and in a far less glamorous fashion. The only waves that hit my body were those of fatigue and the golden meter maids had been replaced with the glowing silhouettes of fellow runners. An exposed morning sun added spice to my burning legs and lungs. Both ears had started to crackle as exhaustion consumed me. The ecstatic Aussie cheers that had carried me to this point became muffled and my long, laboured breaths echoed inside my head. This was the Marathon… I was the postage stamp.