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As I sit in in my favourite corner of our couch by the window with bright beams of Autumn sun hitting my left cheek, I smile at the thought of what I would have been thinking and doing this time last year. Whilst my Friday to this point would have been similar; wake up, say goodbye to Dylan as he rushes out the door, grab a bite to eat to calm my morning appetite, drive to SASI (the South Australian Sports Institute) for a thirty minute cardio recovery session followed by my strength and conditioning program, come home for a highly-anticipated open grill sandwich and pull out the laptop to catch up on emails….my body certainly feels different!

At the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games with Brodie Didyk (my coach's son)

In May of 2018 I was on the tail end of my recovery phase from the Commonwealth Games and had set my sights on the Gold Coast Marathon in July. Today I have spent the last half an hour discussing pregnancy tights with my sister, Abbie who is a Mother to two gorgeous girls under three years old. She has been an incredible sounding board and source of inspiration throughout my pregnancy so far. Over the weekend I developed some aches and pains in the pelvic region that I daresay are due to the many hormonal changes going on. Relaxin is the likely culprit in this case and as with any running injury; I will work with the professionals to develop a management plan to settle these uncomfortable symptoms….and will possibly need to dust off my goggles. I won’t get into the nitty grittys of “pelvic floor exercises” as I’m sure the parents out there have seen + heard enough of these three words.

Below is an overview of the last five months; the excitements, the decision-making processes and the powerful impact of having a supportive team. I hope this insight helps others out there who are going through a transition phase in their life or career.

It is time….

I hobbled towards the elevator in my puffer jacket with a camera over my shoulder like a true tourist. “553 metres tall….” I squirmed a little at the thought of travelling to the highest floor of Toronto’s CN tower but trusted that the lanky structure would stand its ground against whatever winds may be blowing out there. Only six hours earlier I had been standing on the start line a couple of kilometres away, ready to race my twelfth Marathon. It had been exhilarating and the personal best time left me with a sense of complete satisfaction. I will never forget seeing Dylan shortly after crossing the line and exchanging a smile that said “We did it”. Preparation for this Marathon had certainly included its challenges but there were no regrets.Following the Gold Coast Marathon in early July, Dylan and I set off on a 3.5-month European adventure. We wanted to fulfil our travel bugs and to experience other cultures and parts of the world together before embarking on our next chapter at home in Adelaide.

We were two weeks into our trip, on one of Sicily’s picturesque Aeolian Islands, when I realised the need to make a call on whether or not I would commit to the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in twelve weeks. The temptation to visit my relatives in Canada, the incredible passion of Race Director Alan Brookes and the prospect of running a Marathon in a new part of the world made my decision for me. The hard part was the training and yes there were d