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I am currently preparing a talk on Goal Setting for a school presentation so decided to tease out my ideas on the topic by putting them down in writing - I hope you find something here that will help fire you up for your next challenge or project : ).


I will never forget the eve of 2003. The roof of our trusty family tent fought against the howling winds as my parents, two siblings and I sat huddled around a deck of cards. Muffled voices of excitable party-goers in the Marion Bay caravan park could be heard between gusts and whilst there was a mild temptation to join them for the midnight fireworks, my warm sleeping bag was calling. After one final and highly competitive round of “Warlords and Scumbags”, Dad sensed our heavy eye lids and enthusiastically turned over the scoring sheet to fire up a new activity.

With the new year almost upon us, he suggested that we go around the circle and share what we would like to achieve at school, in sport and outside of school/sport for the year ahead. This was a casual New Year’s Eve family tradition that Dad liked to spring on us when the opportunity arose. I’m not sure whether it was a work conference or a book that sparked his passion for goal-setting but I loved it. We went around the circle and each shared what we hoped to experience in 2003. On the sporting front, Jack (at the ripe age of eleven) shared his desire to make the state football and cricket teams, whilst Abbie hoped to don the state netball bodysuit in Winter. I was embarking on my first year at Boarding School in Adelaide and set one goal of trying Pole Vault – I did end up attempting it once : ). I also shared my dream of being selected for the World Schools Cross Country Champ