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August the 15th

It’s hard to believe that this time last year, Dylan and I were on a train to Utrecht (outside of Amsterdam) with Dutch friend Susan and her husband Andrew “Krumo” Krumins for a Birthday burger by the canal. I was six weeks into my recovery from the Gold Coast Marathon and had embraced my time away from the rigorous routine of training and my accompanying focus on the one percenters. Whilst an October Marathon in Toronto was my next running goal, the path beyond this finish line was still very much in “planning phase”.

Fast-forward one year and I am sitting in a local café, waiting for my friend Amy Cure to arrive from training for a warm Birthday beverage. Winter layers hug a belly bump that I can officially now sit my mug on! I am excited to be celebrating my Birthday at home, given that I have been overseas for six of the last eight due to the Major Athletics Championships often taking place during the European Summer. I kicked off my morning with a cardio session on the Elliptical trainer at the Next Generation Health Club, which neighbours the iconic Adelaide Oval. Training at the beginning of the day, when my mind and body are freshest, has always been my preference. With a fan in my face and the Australian Birth Stories podcast playing through my earphones, I completed the Fartlek that I had created during my warm up (5 sets of 90/30/60 second moderate-intensity efforts with 1 minute recoveries). My weekly routine over the past three months has involved a morning training session (dictated by how I feel in the moment), a combination of physio work, Rundies duties, speaking or ambassador commitments throughout the day and usually a light walk in the evening. On Tuesday and Thursday nights I rug up and head out to training with Dylan and my Team Tempo squad. Whilst until now I have been able to join them for a two kilometre warm up lap or two, running is starting to feel more uncomfortable and so for the final trimester of pregnancy I plan to walk and w