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The word injury sparks a sense of familiarity and some level of anxiety in too many sportspeople. Whilst the associated challenges can be hard to stomach, I do believe they can teach us some of the greatest lessons. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about ‘touching wood’ as I uploaded this but if anyone can take away a piece of information that helps them through their own injury, then it was worth sharing.

Sally Pearson

#1 RESILIENCE & SATISFACTION The exhilaration and optimism that comes with being on TOP of your game is hard to beat, however some of our most vulnerable moments form the foundations for our greatest highs. Watching Sally Pearson whip over her final hurdle and cross the line ahead of the rest of the World in 2017 after more than twelve months of injury rehabilitation was a fine example of this. It reminded me that when our body and character are tested, we discover what we are truly made of. To move forward in the face of challenge, we are impelled to evolve as an athlete and person. The results that follow can carry a level of fulfilment that may not have been accessible otherwise.